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Our 2017 Future of Money & Technology Startup Competition gives promising start-ups the opportunity to compete to showcase at the next Future of Money & Technology Summit on December 4, 2017! Winners will be featured in the Startup Showcase, which includes a live demo on stage followed by a expo booth for 1 hour in the main ballroom to meet and mingle with conference attendees who are interested in learning more about your products and services.

RULES: The deadline to submit your application is November 3, 2017. One member of your team must be registered to attend the conference to be eligible to apply. There is no fee to enter the competition, and it is open to everyone.

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Congratulations to 2015 Winners!


ArrowPass is a closed-loop gate control and cashless payment solution for events, in partnership with banks and MasterCard that can operate even in the absence of Internet or cellular connectivity.
ArrowPass provides a scalable ecosystem for event organizers that consists of Android-based terminals and NFC cards that work as reusable tickets and prepaid wallets for o?ine closed-
loop payment system.

Untitled-1Bento for Business
Bento for Business provides *smart* business debit cards that allow business owners to disburse funds to employees and remotely control when, where and how much they can spend.

BlockSeer is a big data company that specializes in blockchain analytics to provide intelligence and transparency for financial institutions, law enforcement, and private enterprise. We license data tools for compliance and forensics for the blockchain and bitcoin ecosystem.

Cashflower helps small businesses avoid running out of cash, with online tools that serve like an automated CFO or controller.
Our SaaS tool automates many of forward-looking finance functions that over 300M small businesses require to sustain themselves and grow, but few can currently afford.
You can learn more or request access to our private beta that automates scenario planning and burn-rate management for startups, and portfolio monitoring for early-stage investors at

iQuantifi Logo DePalma d4iQuantifi
iQuantifi is a cloud-based, RoboPlanner™ that provides comprehensive and personalized financial planning and investment advice to millennals and young families through financial institutions to help them meet customer needs and drive more revenue.

SizeUp helps banks better serve their small business customers. It enables banks to empower their small business customers to make smarter decisions through data. It supports bank customers’ growth and economic success. It is customized for the business objectives of the bank such as customer acquisition, retention, introduction of products, and engagement. SizeUp uses big data to provide small businesses with high quality research insights that typically only large enterprises can afford.

Sweep is a new mobile app that helps you get ahead of bills, expenses and savings goals so you never have to budget again. Unlike other backwards looking budgeting apps like Mint, Sweep is completely forward looking so you’ll always have enough money for everything you need.

Token helps banks meet the requirements for fast, secure and open payments by providing an end-to-end payments ecosystem accessible to developers where all transactions are authorized using digital signatures. Token’s innovation, smart tokenization can emulate any current payment type and creates new ones that will enable new business models previously not possible.

Xignite real-time, reference and historical financial market data APIs are used by fintech companies to power consumer and RIA financial web and mobile applications, such as robo-advisors, online brokerages and market insight and news sites.

Zebit is the first fully-automated payment system that can provide zero-interest credit to 68 million Americans underserved by traditional financial services. Without cash or credit, these consumers typically turn to high-cost, off-line financing methods that can cost over 3 times the purchase value. Zebit’s payment platform is the first to grant real-time, no-cost, no credit check, 0% APR financing to the underserved, and is available to any online merchant as a primary payment method.


2014 Startup Showcase Winners:

linqtoLinqto Personal Banker
Linqto is a Silicon Valley software development company specializing in Enterprise solutions for the banking and educational verticals. Linqto combines its specialized background in financial applications with a deep experience in streaming communications technology. Linqto’s new omni-channel banking communications suite, Personal Banker (patent pending), is the latest of the company’s offerings. Consumer trust in banks is at record lows. Linqto Personal Banker delivers the essential face-to-face human connectivity and relationship-building benefits your remote customers are missing.

CrowdCurity is a marketplace for web security. We crowdsource highly skilled security researchers and connect them with businesses. We basically do bug bounty programs as-a-service. With great success the big guys such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have for years been running bug bounty programs to crowdsource their web security. Now CrowdCurity enables any business to create their own bug bounty program in few easy steps – and discover security vulnerabilities before they are exploited by the bad guys.

trustingsocialTrusting Social Co.
TrustingSocial is inventing Credit Scoring 2.0 with social, web and telco data, to make lending faster, cheaper and friendlier. Our credit score has been proven to be able to replace traditional credit score in emerging markets. TrustingSocial ( was founded in 2013 in the US by a team of Ph.D. data scientists, banking experts and CS Olympiad champions. Our patent-pending technology has been under development for 18 months, and proven to be highly accurate in predicting credit risk and identity fraud. Our customers include a credit reporting agency in the US, a payment processor in the Europe, and lenders and telcos in the UK and Asia Pacific.

xigniteXignite, Inc.
Xignite, Inc. is the leading provider of market data cloud solutions. Xignite makes sourcing and integrating real-time and reference market data into apps and devices easy and more cost-effective than alternative data feeds. The Silicon Valley-based company is helping fuel FinTech innovation by powering web sites and apps for more than 1000 financial services, media, software and corporate clients, including FinTech standouts Betterment, FutureAdvisor, Personal Capital, SigFig, StockTwits, Wealthfront, Wealthminder and Yodlee. The company’s platform also powers private data distribution solutions for exchanges, market data vendors and financial institutions, including NASDAQ OMX, NYSE Technologies, Direct Edge and SIX Financial Information. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @xignite.

CUneXusCUneXus –
CUneXus’ specialized sales and marketing systems help lenders maximize the value and profitability of existing customer relationships. Our cplXpress product suite is integrated with leading online and mobile banking platforms, and additional strategic partnerships allow us to offer turn-key access to a powerful, omnichannel consumer lending strategy that we call Comprehensive Prescreened Lending (CPL). CPL Strategy has proven to cut costs, increase sales volume, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction. These pioneering technologies are at the forefront of the transition to a new era of data-driven, on-demand lending and borrowing.

Our cplXpress prescreened lending automation platform allows financial institutions to empower their customers with Perpetual Loan Approval status across multiple consumer lending product lines. The solution grants customers ongoing insight into their personal buying power, with the ability to review and instantly accept preapproved loan offers at every physical and digital touchpoint. No loan application is necessary, removing the main friction point of the traditional lending process, and providing simple “one-click” access. Our advanced risk-based assessment and pricing engine generates a highly personalized and targeted menu of offers based on each individual’s unique financial situation and profile. Offers are communicated within the client institution’s online, mobile, branch, call center, direct mail, and email channels.
Launched in 2014 to a select group of pilot credit unions, the cplXpress platform has produced tremendous results and ROI, with client case studies featured in a number of leading financial publications.


Congratulations to the 2013 Startup Showcase Winners!

baybucksBay Bucks is changing the meaning of “local currency.” Marrying the concepts of community currency and business barter, our web-based platform enables local businesses to trade with each other without cash. We enable local businesses to “deposit” what they have in excess (unsold inventory, idle capacity, etc.) into an exchange pool, and draw out what they need in equivalent value. Instead of each business competing to survive on its own, local businesses can now collaborate with each other to lift up the whole community. The network will soon be expanded to community members, so that the platform will be the first to enable B2B, B2C, and C2C transactions. When a business or individual sells their goods or services on the network, they earn the local currency, “Bay Bucks” – which they can then spend on anything else being offered on the network. This networked barter enables all kinds of transactions to take place without cash, and all are “backed” by real goods and services in the local economy. Meanwhile, 100% of the wealth created re-circulates in the local economy.

cardflightCardFlight empowers app developers to easily take in-person (card present) payments within their own iOS and Android apps. CardFlight’s open platform connects mobile app developers with payment processors, focusing on the 90+% of credit card payments that happen in real life. Developers use CardFlight’s encrypted mag stripe reader and SDK/API so that they can easily and securely accept card present payments in their apps, with support for virtually any payment processor or merchant account. Our clients retain full control of their integrated app experience without dealing with the typical complexity of payments integrations.

clearbon1With Credible, customers crowdfund local food businesses by purchasing edible credits they “eat” over time via mobile. Think about it as a mix between Kickstarter, Square and Ripple applied to good, healthy and sustainable food. Like Kickstarter we help businesses raise money from their fans, but unlike Kickstarter funds are raised not in exchange for one-time rewards, but in exchange for food credits called Credibles, issued by each business. Like Square, we are about using mobile to turn transactions into relations and making payment disappear in the process. Unlike Square we are moving out of the existing banking/payment infrastructure, into peer-to-peer credit. Like Ripple we are turning business-issued credits into currencies through clearing, but unlike Ripple, we are not focused initially on decentralization, open source and developers, and instead focusing on solving real small business problems.

curiosumeCuriosumé because the résumé must die. Curiosumé replaces the traditional semantic resume with a private personal API that represents your knowledge asset inventory. Your Curiosumé can be shared anonymously, or publicly. You can deploy multiple “personas” to a market. You can combine your persona with others to form teams in collaboration or knowledge exchange. You can readily identify supply and demand for knowledge assets in a community and join a protoeconomy for intangible assets. Curiosumé; where intangibles are the new tangible.

flexscoreFlexScore gives you total financial clarity wrapped up in a single score. The score you want to achieve is 1,000 to be considered financially independent. See where you’re at now, get free advice on what to do next, and make your goals a reality. It’s fast, free, and even a little fun.

givkwikGivkwik is transforming philanthropy for the next generation. We make it easy for anyone to discover good causes. You can simply give your opinion through our voting widget or you can donate as much or as little as you want through our ‘giv’ button, to virtually any charity at any time. We’re a tech company that makes it easy to connect people and businesses with nonprofits. We want to make giving more affordable for everyone, so that anyone can become a philanthropist. For nonprofits, we make it easy to promote your mission and find new donors and corporate sponsors. For businesses, we make it a snap to get your employees and customers involved in your corporate philanthropy. This is a solution for anyone who wants to give – with friends, with employees, with customers.

handupOur charitable giving platform provides donors with a new, simple and direct way to impact the lives of their homeless neighbors and other low-income locals. HandUp connects these populations to case workers at some of the most well-respected social service organizations in the nation for further assistance. With resources and words of support, our community of donors also strengthen safety nets that our members can call upon in times of need.

planwisePlanwise provides personal finance tools and content. These tools help consumers understand how the plans they make today affect their finances in the future, so they can make better decisions.

produciaProducia is a worker and member-owned cooperative located in Richmond, Virginia. The company functions as an Open Enterprise, which applies to open source model to the business production process. The online platform aims to digitize, gamify, and democratize the makerspace & hackerspace experience by providing online tools to create and manage projects, and connecting players to a community of support such as mentors, talent, early adopters, and funders. Producia is the first portfolio company from the idea incubator, The IllVP.

realtymogulRealty Mogul is crowdfunding for real estate, a marketplace for accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of pre-vetted investment properties.

savedplusSavedPlus is a Silicon Valley-based company that pioneered a patent-pending, bank platform-agnostic micropayment capability that allows consumers to automatically save money as they spend.


subledgerSubledger is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to quickly build the accounting part of your app.


vaurumVaurum is a robust Bitcoin exchange for financial institutions. Building an infrastructure for Bitcoin from the ground up, Vaurum builds high-performance exchange technology and offers secure storage solutions for financial institutions. Clients include banks, brokerages, hedge funds, trading firms and FX dealers.