Audio Recordings February 28, 2011

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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Keynote: “The Future of Payments Is Now”

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Brian Zisk – Executive Producer
Scott Guilfoyle – PayPal, CTO & SVP of Platform Services

Financial Innovations

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Ari Levy – Bloomberg News (Moderator)
Aaron Forth –, VP of Product & Director of Intuit Personal Finance Group
Ryan Gilbert – BillFloat, CEO
Schwark Satyavolu – BillShrink, Co-Founder & CEO
Scott Guilfoyle – PayPal, CTO & SVP of Platform Services

Information Driving Efficient Markets

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Sean Harper – FeeFighters, CEO
Steve Schultz – Pageonce, Chief Operating Officer
Michael Sha – Wikinvest, Co-Founder & CEO
Jaidev Shergill –, Founder and CEO
Jodi Beggs – Economist/Writer, Economists Do It With Models (Moderator)

CrowdFunding & Lending

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Kevin Lawton -“The CrowdFunding Revolution”, Author (Moderator)
Chris Larsen – Prosper, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Jessica Jackely – ProFounder, CEO & Founder
Danae Ringleman – IndieGogo, Co-Founder
Paul Blythe – MicroPlace, CFO, Financial & Operations Principle, President of the Due Diligence Committee, and Head of Business Development

Elevator Pitch Sessions

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Hosted by: Brian Zisk, Executive Producer
All attending were welcome to stand up and present a 1 minute pitch about their company, project, or idea to connect with others who want to work with them.

Leveraging New Markets

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Bruce Bower – Plastic Jungle, CEO
Ted Sorom – Rixty, Founder & CEO
Jeff Thomas – Second Market, Senior Vice President, Private Company Market
Tricia Duryee – AllThingsD, Senior Editor, eMoney (Moderator)

New Innovation Demos & Presentations

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Jolie O’Dell – Mashable (Host)
Jeff Mullen – Dynamics
Arno Hesse – Clearbon
Dan Robles – The Ingenesist Project
Allen Howell – Social Flights
Jordan Modell – Internet Archive Credit Union

Funding Financial Innovation

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Chris O’Brien – San Jose Mercury News, Business Columnist (Moderator)
Lewis Gersh – Metamorphic Ventures, Managing Partner
Kevin Hartz – Eventbrite, Co-founder & CEO
Christine Herron – Intel Capital, Director
Maha Ibrahim – Canaan Partners, Partner
Peter Lurie – American Express, SVP, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, Enterprise Growth Group

Designing the New Bank

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Suresh Ramamurthi – CBW Bank, Vice Chairman
Joshua Reich – Bank Simple, CEO
Don Shaffer – RSF Social Finance, President & CEO
Mark Calvey – SF Business Times, Senior Reporter (Moderator)

New Innovation Presentations

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“Transacting Together” – Heather Schlegel, Future of Transactions
“The Future of Angel Investing” – David S. Rose, AngelSoft
“The Psychology of Users Who Pay” – Ramit Sethi, I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

Monetizing Intangible Capital

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Mary Adams, I-Capital Advisors (Moderator)
Arthur Brock, The MetaCurrency Project
Dan Robles, The Ingenesist Project

Serving the Unbanked

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Ken Kruszka – m-Via, VP Product Development
Anil Aggarwal – TxVia, Chairman & CEO
Ron Hirson – BOKU, SVP Product & Markting/Co-Founder
Jose Quinonez – Mission Asset Fund, Executive Director
Danny Shader – PayNearMe, Founder and CEO

Debt Free America

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Betsy Flanagan – Wells Fargo Bank, Social Media Strategist (Moderator)
Rod Ebrahimi – ReadyForZero, CEO & Co-founder
Rob Garcia – Lending Club, Senior Director, Product Strategy
Kenneth Lin – Credit Karma, Founder & CEO
Irene Shubladze – Credit Sesame, Vice President of Marketing

Ecosystem of Financial APIs

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Eric Conners – Yodlee, Vice President of Products
Suresh Ramamurthi – CBW Bank, Vice-Chairman
Christian Taylor – Payvment, Founder & CEO
Arthur Brock – The MetaCurrency Project, Founder/Developer (Moderator)

Mobile Money

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Chris Battles – Intuit Payment Solutions Division, Head of Product Management
Robb Duffield – SK Telecom Americas, Director of Corporate Business Development
Vince Kadar – Telepin Software, CEO
Andy Kleitsch – Billing Revolution, CEO & Founder
Carol Realini – Obopay, Executive Chairman and Founder
Martin Giles – The Economist Newspaper, US Technology Correspondent (Moderator)

Virtual Goods & Currency

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Charles Hudson – Bionic Panda Games, CEO (Moderator)
Nima Pourshasb – Live Gamer, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development
Stan Stalnaker – Hub Culture &, Founder and Creative Director
Stevana Case – PlaySpan, Vice President of Sales