Prepare Your Elevator Pitches

What makes our Summits unique? There is an extra level of folks interacting with each other, finding out what everyone else is up to, in order to help and connect. One of the unique ways we do this is through our Elevator Pitch Session. These have become one of the most positively commented upon sessions at our SF MusicTech Summits, so we’ve decided to carry them right on over to The Future of Money and Technology Summit.

Run by Brian Zisk (the author of this blog post, and organizer of the Summit) in a session slot, everyone in the room who wants can briefly pitch what they are working on, what they are looking for, and what they hope to accomplish. While some folks take up to a minute max, Brian leads with a concise example of a 20 second pitch. It is our belief that if you have your act together, you can easily express what you are working on in 30 seconds or less, the time it approximately takes from when a potential partner gets on the elevator, to when you both arrive at the ground floor. These dozens of brief presentations (we have fit 100 into an hour) usually lead to feedback, constructive criticism, potential partnerships, and paths towards moving forwards. The session is structured to facilitate a supportive and welcoming conversation, encouraging innovation and a flourishing marketplace of ideas.

Interested? All you have to do is show up with a short and sweet pitch. Some folks like to prepare, but the true stars can do this in their sleep. If you don’t have a short and sweet rap, it is in your best interest to always have one ready, whether presenting at this session, or not.

It is a great way to connect with what other participants are doing. Learning what folks are up to is one of my favorite parts of the Summit, and the Elevator Pitch Session is a great way to get up to speed on what a whole bunch of folks are doing, in less than an hour.

Look forward to seeing you there…