Why the Future of Money?

As you may know,  The Future of Money and Technology comes on the heels of our first series, the SF MusicTech Summit.  After 3 years producing a now internationally-recognized show, building a community of over 15,000 followers with regular attendance over 700 per show, why the move to finance?

Well first off, the SF MusicTech Summit is still going strong, with our 6th production coming up on May 17th.  We have been so inspired by the business deals we’ve watched happen at the show, impressed by the products that have launched and raised funding shortly after, and amazed at the progress and innovation that gets discussed right on the floor.  With the economy scaring so many people, we knew that the converging fields of finance and new technology had to be our next step.  We want to make sure innovation continues to flourish, despite financial pressures; that leaders in every industry continue to collaborate, discuss challenges, and spread new ideas.  And what better way to do this than with another groundbreaking conference in San Francisco, one of the most fertile grounds for new ideas in the world?

Why now?

Folks have been aggressively seeking change, beginning to reconsider things previously assumed as just part of the system: from credit card processing fees and late charges, to the very structure of our bartering system, from virtual economies on up to the very necessity of currency and banks.   However, the industry has only just begun to push at the boundaries currently set around the space; the incredible influx of new technology, businesses, and research shows that an incredible amount of progress can still be made.

And we all know that 2012 is the end of the world, so we better fix things before then, else we go down in history like this. 😉

Key Topics and Takeaways

I asked producer Brian Zisk what his favorite aspect of this project was, what he most looked forward to.  He responds that he looks forward to the new perspectives he knows will be presented to and by business founders, and to watch them find what they need to really take off – be it a partner, a service, a promotional partner, or even a new idea – possibly before they even realized they were missing it.

Personally, I have found our speakers already challenging many of my own preconceived ideas surrounding commerce.  Never before had I thought it was even possible to question the value of currency, or that credit card fees might be unnecessary for the business to still flourish.  The very idea that we don’t need banks to exchange money, or that we could open-source our financial institutions at some point astounds me.  It has left me incredibly excited for the summit, to see what more I can take away from a room filled with so many incredible and intelligent individuals

We certainly hope you can join us at this inspiring event, and hope it too changes your own approach to the entire industry.